GooReader Free 2.0

A better interface for reading Google Books


  • Nice interface design
  • Nice page rolling effect
  • Access to hundreds of ebooks
  • Search by author, title, keyword or Book_ID


  • No support for bookmarks or favorites
  • The text is sometimes unreadable when zoomed in


GooReader is a handy ebook reader you can use as an alternative for reading ebooks and magazines from Google Books.

The interface in GooReader has been completely redesigned from the previous version. It’s designed as slick, modern bookshelf, and displays ebooks as real-life books with covers and all. You can use GooReader to search the Google Books database by title, author, keyword or Google Book_ID, and results are nicely displayed as books on the shelf.

To start reading a book in GooReader, all you need to do is click the corresponding icon below the book, or double click the book itself. The contents open in a separate window, which you can maximize for better readability. The bottom bar includes a bunch of controls for your reading: page up and page down, table of contents, zoom in and out, etc. There's a nice animation when you turn pages, but the zoom can sometimes make the text difficult to read.

GooReader is a nice interface to read Google Books – definitely much nicer than the web interface – but still lacks some features: there’s no support for bookmarks, custom book lists or favorites, and PDF conversion is only available in the paid version.

With GooReader you can read ebooks and magazines from Google Books in a nicer, more comfortable interface.



GooReader Free 2.0

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